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Your Class Instructor

Diamond Rose Instructor

William Laney

Your instructor is the son of inventor WL Laney.

William has nine years of field experience sharpening for the professional hair stylist and barbers.

He has spent seven years as the technical support manager for Diamond Rose Shears. For the past six years he has also served as the training director.

You will not find anyone else with the experience and knowledge base William has developed over nearly a decade.
In class you will find Willam to be helpful, knowledgeable and patient.

Knowledge is power.
You can't begin a career,
for that matter even a relationship,
unless you know everything there is to know about it.

Randeep Hooda

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Diamond Rose Sharpener

Diamond Rose Superior Scissor SharpenerThe Diamond Rose Superior Sharpening System is a complete scissor sharpening and sales business package. Everything you need to start your business is included in our "Premium Package."

The Diamond Rose Superior Sharpening System is the only scissor sharpening machine available today that allows the operator to match factory specifications on the popular Japanese style hair cutting scissors.

Matching factory specifications with precision sharpening develops loyal customers and assures a stable, recurring revenue stream.

What's Included:

Value of Machine Design:

Design of Japanese Scissors Most stylists use the popular Japanese style hair cutting scissors. There are three unique components to Hollow Ground Shear this shear which was invented by Fukutaro Takahashi a famous Japanese hair stylist and trainer. His study of scissors, hair and cutting techniques revealed the need for a new design. Mr. Takahashi revolutionized the shear manufacturing world with a shear that included a hollow ground blade interior (see red line - the "ride"area), Convex edgea convex cutting edge and an 800 mm radius to hold the hair in place while cutting. The convex edge gives the stylist a cleaner sharper cut and allows them to use a "slide cutting" technique to give texture to each haircut. 800 mm radius
The 800 mm radius "holds" the hair in place preventing it from pushing away as the hair is cut.

Your ability to match all three components will set you apart from the typical sharpener using antiquated sharpening machines. Hair stylists will appreciate your quality of service and precision sharpening.

Accessories Kit:

Scissor sharpening accessories packageSome people forget when pricing sharpening machines, there are hand tools, honing stones and other supplies you will need for the sharpening process. The Diamond Rose complete business package includes the other items required for a professional scissor sharpening job. Not only are the tools provided, they are the right tools. There is no need to waste money on tool purchases that are not "right" for the job.

You will see in the picture:

Marketing Kit:

This premium package is intended to include all your need except your personal business cards and logo wear to set up your home based scissor sharpening and sales business. You will find we include:
Use our Scissor Care Guides to educate the stylist on how to care for their scissors. It emphasizes the need for sharpening on the Diamond Rose Superior Sharpening System and instructs on how to test the scissors to determine when to have them sharpened.

The Musashi Shear Catalog illustrates all the models and sizes available which may or may not be in your initial inventory of fine Musashi Shears.

Long stemmed roses can be your secret weapon. Most people never get enough flowers along the way of life. When you interrupt the stylist by giving the customer a rose, you are a welcomed "hero". The gift of a rose for the stylist and the customer gets the conversation started and sets you well on your way to both sharpening and scissor sales!

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